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Thankful to Noora Hospital Doctors and Nursing Staff

Last year my mother had cardiology problems and pain started. Though it was bearable it continued for five to six months and pain started badly. Then we visited Noora Hospital Srinagar took appointment for DR. (PROF.) NISAR AHMAD TRAMBOO

Doctor explained the disease (CRT-P) very well in simple language. He also explained the cause of disease and treatment for the disease.
On 20th January 2020, Dr. (Prof.) Nisar Ahmad Tramboo and his team operated it very skillfully. My mother was not able to move breath before operation but now she is totally fine and breath, move normally. Dr. (Prof.) Nisar Ahmad Tramboo  treated my mother with bhis magical talent.
Dr. (Prof.) Nisar Ahmad Tramboo is an excellent, talented surgeon with an ability to be one of the best.

I would like to thank the doctors and the nurse of the Noora Hospital for working selflessly in such a pandemic situation without any comprises in the services provided. The nurses have been very helpful throughout

Waseem Hussain Mir