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The nutrition and dietetics department at Noora Hospital provides advice about nutrition and diet to both in patients as well as out patient. Our dietetics department works closely with relevant medical, nursing and allied health professionals to provide patient care services. The department is an integral part and plays a vital role in providing quality nutritional care, food services and education to the patients.

The team at Noora Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics Department provides nutrition and dietetic services to patients and caters in inpatient, outpatient and community. We aim to empower our patients and carers with skills and knowledge to make appropriate dietary choices and nutrition goals according to their medical conditions.


The dietetic services provided by the Nutrition and Dietetics Department are mainly focused on supporting the care of our patients in the hospital within multidisciplinary teams. The nutrition therapy provided is dependent on the patients medical conditions, nutrition issues, and the nature and complexity of care required.

Shayista Nabi
B.Sc., M.Sc, Diploma in Nutrition and Child care
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