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 Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery

The Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery unit at Noora Hospital offers a plethora of cardiovascular treatments for a variety of diseases from childhood to adulthood. The Centre is home to a multi-disciplinary team of consultants of CVTS, cardiology, intensivists, paediatricians, And Physicians  who stand with you at every step of treatment.

Our field of expertise is centered at coronary bypass surgery, MICS surgery for valve disease, and surgery for aneurysm and arrhythmia, management of heart failure including Thoracic, and vascular procedures. 

What is Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery

Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery: It is the field of medicine involved in the surgical treatment of the inside of the thorax (the chest) - generally of the heart, lungs, chest, oesophagus and vascular system, including blood vessels, arteries, veins and lymphatic circulation.

Endovascular Surgery: It is a less invasive alternative to open surgery. It offers many benefits such as less scarring, less blood loss, quicker recovery time, and a shorter hospital stay.

What are the conditions we treat under Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery

Some of the major conditions we treat under our unit of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery include:

·         Congenital heart disease

·         Aneurysm and Aortic disease

·         Arrhythmias

·         Carotid artery disease

·         Cardiomyopathy

·         Heart Failure (requires VADs)

·         Coronary artery disease

·         Pericardial diseases

·         Peripheral vascular disease

·         Valvular heart disease

·         Thromboembolic diseases

·         Venous disorders like

o    Varicose Veins

o    Deep vein Thrombosis

Are you a candidate for Cardiothoracic And Vascular Surgery

A doctor might evaluate the patient for the following symptoms before recommending treatment, including: 

·         Pain, pressure or heaviness in the chest (that indicates angina)

·         Pain in the jaw, the left shoulder, arms, elbows, or back

·         Shortness of breath (dyspnea)

·         Cold sweat

·         Nausea and fatigue

·         Light-headed or fainting

The symptoms may vary from person to person, some people might experience more than one symptoms together. 

Dr. Dr. Zubair Rashid

Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery
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Dr. (Prof) A.G Ahangar

Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery
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