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Department of Urology offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options for a wide range of adult and pediatric urological conditions, such as: kidney stones, urinary incontinence, prostate & kidney cancers, male infertility etc.

The department is run by experienced urologists who are expert in their fields. Our urologists with superb clinical skills and experience treat diverse urological problems and apply minimally invasive techniques where appropriate. The department performs complex surgical procedures such as:

Procedures of urinary tract stones:

  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy
  • Retrograde intrarenal Surgery (RIRS)
  • URSL / CLT for ureteric and bladder stones

Prostate Surgeries:

  • Bipolar TURP
  • Radical Prostatectomy

Bladder Tumour Surgeries:

  • Radical Cystectomy
  • Cystoscopies

Kidney tumours:

  • Partial / Radical Nephrotectomy
  • Laproscopic Reconstructive Procedures (lap Myomectomy / Ureteric Reimplantations)

Dialysis access (AV Fistula)
Female Urological Procedures
Incontinence Surgery
Pelvic organ prolapse surgeries

Urology specializes in:-

  • Urology Andrology - problems only men have - male sexual problems or infertility (unable to have a baby)
  • EndoUrology and Lithotripsy - EndoUrology is procedures (to diagnose and treat) done through instruments; eg. cystoscope, laparoscope;
  • Lithotripsy - breaking up stones with the shock wave
  •  Urodynamics - tests how the bladder works, see below for more information
  • Female Urology - problems of the urinary tract in ladies
  • Paediatric & Reconstructive Urology - children having problems with the bladder & kidneys and the urinary or genital tract . These may be from birth or from injury or disease.

Uro-Oncology - cancer of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, testis, penis & adrenals.

Dr. Mohammad Shafi Wani  

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