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NOORA HOSPITAL setting landmarks in private healthcare sector Department of pediatric cardiology (Interventional)

Noora Hospital as a leading private multi-specialty hospital in Kashmir valley with an aim of providing cost effective medical and surgical healthcare facilities at par with international standards within reach of people.
Recently a rare cardiology procedure wherein two holes (ASD and VSD) in heart were closed with two button like devices in a single procedure at Noora Hospital. The procedure was done by Dr Audil Mohammad Lankar (Interventional pediatric cardiologist) with a team including Dr Wasim Salman (anesthetist) Mr Rayees/ Mr Azhar (Cath lab Techs.) and Mr Owais (Anes tech.)
In view of general medical health awareness Noora Hospital has state-of-art medical equips with heart-lung machine for CVTS including ICU/NICU team led by intensivist for quality healthcare services. Patients who are in need of any cardiac procedures don’t need to worry as we here are Noora Hospital do provide reachable healthcare services for people of valley.
Noora Hospital would like to thank Dr Audil and whole team of cardiology department for their phenomenal minimal invasive cardiac procedures with very good results both in children and adults, the advantage of such procedures over open heart surgery are absence of scar and short post-op stay in hospital.
Noora Hospital is a 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital with modern facilities managed by highly qualified professional doctors to provide patient centered quality healthcare services with reach.

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