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Life of TWIN VERY PREMATURE (30 Weeks) newborns(birth weight 1 kg)

Our NICU team headed by Dr Tanveer Bashir saved the life of TWIN VERY PREMATURE (30Weeks) newborns(birth weight 1 kg), with the grace of almighty Allah:
It was Saturday evening of chilling January when parveena(name changed) who was 7 months(30 weeks) pregnant with twin fetuses, started to have high BP. she was admitted in LD hospital. Her BP was increasing despite on multiple medications and ultrasound was suggestive of very small fetuses (1kg each) with compromised blood supply to fetuses (REDF).It seemed that she might loose both of them. Doctors suggested to go for normal vaginal delivery as chances of survival of fetuses was very less, but mother wanted both of them to live.
Family contacted DR TANVEER BASHIR, (head NICU at noora hospital), who explained prognosis to family in detail. Father agreed to the management plan of Dr Tanveer.
But same evening mother started to have leaking of fluids, so it was difficult to shift mother to Noora Hospital in such condition. Both the babies were born by LSCS at LD hospital. Dr Tanveer along with his team and critical care ambulance reached LD hospital and shifted both the newborn on transport ventilator and incubator to nicu at noora hospital ( outside temperature was -8*c on that evening).
Both the babies remained on ventilator for 2 days, antibiotics were stopped on 3rd day. Both received only human milk(donor and mothers).
Both babies received developmentally supportive care(KMC, NNS, Probiotics).
And after about 1 month stay at NICU babies were discharged home and are presently doing good.


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