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This high risk pregnant mother(previous preterm delivery with neonatal death) was admitted in other hospital as a case of 31 weeks pregnancy with leaking (PPROM) for one week,
they contacted DR TANVEER, who after reviewing the case advised them for inutero-shift to noora hospital.

Mother got admitted in noora hospital,
Emergency Lscs was done i/v/o absent liquor, by senior Obstetrician DR AFSHANA IQBAL, in the middle of night. baby was stabilized by DR TANVEER BASHIR in delivery room. Placental and blood culture of newborn was sent and
Baby was admitted in our NICU and started on respiratory support and antibiotics,.
on day 3 baby started to have recurrent Apnea and of colour requiring SIMV ventilation and ionotropic support and antibiotics were upgraded to 3rd line. Blood culture traced was sterile but placental culture had grown multidrug resistant E COLI which was resistant to all the antibiotics baby was recieving, antbiotics were changed as per sensitivity report. Within next 24 hours baby's condition improved and was extubated. Csf analysis done was normal , antibiotics were given for 10 days.

Baby received developmentally supportive care including KMC, NNS, NESTING
and after 28 days stay at our center, baby was discharged home with discharge weight of 1.66kg, with intact survival (I.e no IVH, NO PVL) and is doing well on follow up.

Alarm: community acquired resistant bacteria are suggestive of high use of antibiotics in the community which in longterm is going to cause a problem worst than corona virus pandemic.


Special thanks to:
Parents of baby for trust in us and their patience.
Our staff for excellent service.



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