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A patient namely (Samia) name changed,Age 14 years old was brought in noora hospital Emergency Department with history of Fall from height (2 storey building).On Arrival Patient was drowsy with persistant vomting and bleeding from Occipito- temporal area of head...Besides multiple Abrasions with hematoma over right temporal part of head, there was a localised tenderness over over L1/L2 spine.... Patient was immediately resuscitated under the guidance of our critical care specialist Dr Mohmad Ashraf mir.After stabilization, Patient was shifted to radiology dept where her CT brain was done which was suggestive of right temporal bone fracture with EDH/ with contusions.. CT spine was showing L1 compression fracture.USG FAST was done along with all X-Rays were normal.

Neurosurgery Dept Head Dr Mohmad sultan Dar who is a leading Neurosurgeon of the valley was informed and patient was shifted to OT where emergency Craniotomy was done By Dr mohmad sultan at 11pm. Post Operative patient was shifted to ICU where she was kept under Observation and was Monitored by Critical care specialists of noora hospital. After 3 days of stay in the Hospital patient was discharged from the hospital in stable condition...



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