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Cardiac Tumor Noora Hospital is the first private hospital to perform this surgery

A patient namely Saima (name changed), age 40 years, resisdent of Budgam was operated by team of doctors and other staff members at Noora Hospital, for cardiac tumor(Left Atrial Myxoma)arising from Interatrial septum and going through and obstructing Mitral Valve that led the patient have severe symptoms including giddiness and syncope. The patient under went open heart surgery under Normothermia and recovered completely after Intensive Care Management at this hospital. She is being discharged from the hospital in next 2 days. These heart tumors are very rare but can prove disastrous and lethal in case the tumor obstructs outflow tract or embolises to the blood vessels of heart, brain, anyother vital organs. Their malignant potential is very very rare however, recurrence is very well known ,as per the latest world literature. Operative intervention in such scenario is very rewarding as it cures the patient of this diease. This surgical procedure, first of its kind at Noora Hospital has been a moment of joy for the family members and the staff as well as establishment of the Noora Hospital.



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